A continual interplay of light and wind shifts over the startling and astounding landscape of Patagonia. Clouds scud across the sky, swept into frothy elongated tufts, and buffeted over sheer volcanic cliffs. The vast plains of golden tundra are dotted by gnarly, stunted trees with limbs whipped into trailing ribbons. Condors soar on their giant black wings atop the swelling updrafts.


Light saturates the landscape with an endless kaleidoscope of illumination and shadow. A parade of rainbows arch across the sky in wide swaths of color. Serpentine rivers cut a deep course through grassy meadows intercepting turquoise mineral lakes. Jagged granite peaks thrust upwards while enormous sweeps of glacier ice fields carve an intrepid path through solid stone.

The hotel Tierra Patagonia nestles into the tundra like weather-worn driftwood. The low lying structure offers no resistance to the ceaseless winds. Native woods suffuse the interior with light and warmth, and picture windows frame the staggering peaks of the Torres del Paine. Herds of guanacos and flocks of rheas wander the grounds while condors circle overhead.

Inside, we are pampered in luxurious comfort and attentive service. We spend our days in a pleasant blend of invigorating outdoor exploration, relaxing spa treatments, gourmet meals, and intriguing conversations with global guests.

We are enchanted.